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Terms of use

Mere usage of the Website renders you a user (“User”) thereof, irrespective of whether you are an individual or legal person, and binds you to full and unreserved acceptance of each and every clause, term and condition of this Legal Disclaimer. If as a User you do not agree with or accept the terms of use of the Website, you must refrain from using it. This Legal Disclaimer may be subject to change and update, such that the version published by the Owner may be different each time the User visits the Website. Accordingly, the User must read the Legal Disclaimer every time he or she visits the Website.

Through the Website, the Owner provides the User with access to and possible use of a series of content published online by the Owner or authorised third parties.

As a User you are bound and commit to use the Website and its contents (the “Content”) in the manner prescribed in applicable legislation, in accordance with the Legal Disclaimer or any other notice or instructions made known to you either via the Legal Disclaimer itself or in any other part of the Content comprising the Website and to abide by generally accepted rules of conduct, respect and ethics. Specifically, the User is obliged and commits:

  • Not to use the Content for illicit purposes, in ways forbidden in the Legal Disclaimer or applicable legislation, in a manner that harms the rights and interests of third parties or that in any way could damage, disable, overload, impair or prevent the normal use of the Content, computer equipment or documents, files or any other type of content stored on any device owned or used by the Owner, other Users or any other Internet User (hardware and software);
  • Not to share with third parties in any manner any of the materials contained on the Website, specifically including but not limited to information, texts, data, content, messages, charts, drawings, sound files, images, photographs, recordings, software, logos, trademarks, icons, technology, links, graphics designs or source codes or indeed any other material accessed in your capacity as User;
  • Not to reproduce, copy, distribute or, in any other way, publicly disclose, transform or modify the Content without the explicit written consent of the owners of the corresponding rights or legal permission to do so;
  • Not to delete, manipulate or alter in any other way the copyright and other data identifying the reserved rights of the Owner or its owners, their digital footprints and/or identifiers or any other technical means used for identification purposes;
  • To refrain from obtaining or attempting to obtain the Content by using means or procedures other than those specifically put in place to that end, or indicated to that end on the Website pages housing the Content or, in general those commonly used online to this end, so long as these permitted means do not imply a risk of damaging or disabling the Website and/or its Content;
  • Not to publish commercial messages via the Website or collect content from the Website for purposes other than those specifically contemplated by the Website or to collect information from other Users without their express consent;
  • Not to introduce viruses or any form of malware into the Website, not to request user login information, not to access the account of another User without express consent and not to hassle, intimidate or harass any other User;
  • Not to do anything that could jeopardise your account safety, particularly with regards to your password, to which end you specifically agree to notify us of any incident related with your password, account, data protection breach or any other security danger or threat detected.

The Owner is entitled to eliminate any content published by the User and suspend the service provided to the User via the Website if, in the Owner’s opinion, the User is breaching any of the rules and obligations itemised in this Legal Disclaimer.

Industrial and intellectual property

All brand names, trademarks and other distinctive signs of any class featured on the Website are the property of the Owner or of third parties that have authorised their use. Note that using or visiting the Website and/or its Content does not give you any right over the aforementioned brand names, trademarks and/or other distinctive signs, or transfer to you of any of the related Content usage or operating rights. Likewise, the Content is the intellectual property of the Owner or of third parties that have authorised its use and as such it is the Owner or those third parties that hold the exclusive rights to exploit the Content by any means, specifically including the related reproduction, distribution, public disclosure and transformation rights. Unauthorised use of the information contained in this Website and breach of the intellectual or industrial property rights of the Owner or of third parties that have ceded some of the Content on the Website will have the consequences contemplated in law.

Any copyright that this Legal Disclaimer may generate is covered by international intellectual property laws and treaties. It is expressly forbidden to copy, reproduce or distribute some or all of that copyright by any means.


Persons wishing to create hyperlinks between their websites and the Website must observe and abide by the following terms and conditions:

  • Prior authorisation will not be necessary if the hyperlink only provides access to the home page, without in any way reproducing it. Any other type of hyperlink will require clear and express written authorisation from the Owner.
  • You may not create frames with or on the Website. 
  • You may not make false, misleading, inaccurate or offensive claims or statements about the Owner, its employees, the persons named on the Website for any reason, its Users or its Content.
  • You may not state or imply that the Owner has authorised the hyperlink or supervised or endorsed in any way the content offered or provided on the website on which a hyperlink is placed.
  • A website that provides a hyperlink to the Website may only provide the information that is strictly necessary for identifying the hyperlink’s destination.
  • A website that provides a hyperlink to the Website may not contain information or content considered illicit, amoral or in violation of generally accepted good practice or public order; nor may it contain content that infringes any third party rights.

Website availability

The Owner does not guarantee uninterrupted or error-free access to the Website and its Content or that the latter will be always updated. However, it will make every effort to prevent or remedy any such errors or interruptions and to keep the Website and its Content updated. By extension, the Owner accepts no liability for any damages of any kind caused to the User by any failure or disconnection in the telecommunications networks that cause the suspension, cancellation or interruption of Website service before or during access.

With the exceptions contemplated in prevailing law, the Owner disclaims liability for damages of any kind that may be attributable to the lack of availability, continuity or functionality of the Website and its Content, so falling short of the User’s expectations for the utility of the Website and its Content.

The sole purpose of the hyperlinks featured on this Website is to inform the User of the existence of other websites with relevant information. The hyperlinks do not constitute any suggestion or recommendation whatsoever.

The Owner is not liable for the content of those linked web pages, the functioning or utility of the hyperlinks or the outcome of using those links and cannot guarantee the absence of viruses or malware that could alter your hardware or software, documents or files and disclaims liability for any damage caused to the User as a result.

Using the Website does not bind the Owner to monitor viruses, worms or other forms of malware. It is up to the User to use adequate tools to detect viruses and malware and to disinfect their devices. Accordingly, the Owner disclaims liability for possible security errors that could arise during use of the Website service or for potential damage to the hardware or software of the User or third parties, or to the files or documents stored on that hardware as a result of the presence of viruses in the User devices used to connect to the Website and its Content or of a malfunctioning or outdated browser.

Website quality

Given the dynamic and changing nature of the information and services provided by the Website, the Owner will make every effort but cannot guarantee the full accuracy, completeness, reliability, utility and/or timeliness of the Content. The information contained on the pages comprising the Website is provided merely for informational, consultation and promotional purposes. Under no circumstances does it offer or have the character of a binding or contractual commitment.

Limitation of liability

The Owner waives all liability for the decisions taken by the User on the basis of this information of for possible spelling errors in the documents and charts on the Website. The information is subject to change with prior notice in order to expand, improve, correct or update the Content.


All notices and communications sent by the Owner to the User by any legally valid means shall be deemed effective for all intents and purposes.

Availability of the Content

In principle, the Website and Content shall be provided for an indefinite period. Nevertheless, the Owner is authorised to terminate or suspend the Website service and/or any of its Content at any time. Whenever reasonably possible, the Owner will give prior notice of the Website's termination or suspension.

Data protection

Para más información acerca de cómo protegemos los datos personales de los Usuarios o Usuarias, puede consultarse nuestra Privacy Policy.

Enquiries and breaches

For any enquiry or clarification about this Legal Disclaimer, the User can contact the Owner by sending an email to Likewise, if any User or another third party believes that the anything illicit is taking place within the Website, he or she should contact the Owner at the same email address, specifying the events or circumstances he or she wishes to report.

Jurisdiction and applicable law

For any questions about the interpretation, application or enforcement of this Legal Disclaimer, or any claims that may arise from its usage, all related parties agree to submit their claims to the judges and courts of Madrid, expressly waiving their rights to any other jurisdiction.
This Legal Disclaimer is governed by and should be interpreted under Spanish law.